Herbal Medicines For Heart Disease


Heart valve disorders, especially of the main aortic and mitral valves, can cause stress in the heart muscle resulting in heart failure and are best corrected by surgery.The wide variety of medical names used to cover what most people call “heart disease” ­cardiovascular disease (CVD), coronary artery disease (CAD), coronary heart disease (CHD), and ischemic heart disease (IHD) – reveals that the main source of the problem is the arteries that surround and feed the heart (the “coronary arteries”). The real cause of “heart disease” is clogged and hard­ened arteries, a condition known as arteriosclerosis.Heart AttackA heart attack is the most dramatic outcome of heart disease. Known medically as a coronary thrombosis or acute myocardial infarction, it is the result of blockage in the coronary arteries feeding the heart. A heart attack invariably comes on suddenly and is often fatal. Symptoms are a vicelike pain in the chest and pains down the left arm and up the left side of the neck to the jaw, sweating, and breathlessness. A heart attack is a serious medical emergency.AnginaAngina (angina pectoris in full) is a severe chest pain caused by a lack of blood to the arteries around the heart (coronary ischemia in medical terms) and is a clear symptom of heart disease. More common in middle-aged and older men than women, it usually comes on during or immediately after physical exercise or a period of mental and emotional strain. The main symptom is an aching or crushing pain in the center of the chest, sometimes mistaken for heartburn.TreatmentEmergency medical treatment is with nitroglycerine but acupuncture can be an effective alternative for some people.StrokeA stroke is caused by damage to blood vessels supplying the brain. A clot (thrombosis) in one of the carteries causes part of the brain to die from failure of its blood supply (infarction). Another type of stroke is a cerebral hemorrhage or burst blood vessel. Both cause a similar picture clinically – the affected part of the brain ceases to work. This may lead to weakness in the limbs, blindness, or loss of higher functions such as speech. Many strokes are immediately fatal, but partial or complete recovery is possible, with skillful rehabilitation, for those who survive the first few week after the initial stroke.TreatmentThis concentrates on maintaining a healthy blood flow keeping muscles and ligaments strong and flexibleHerbal Medicine Yarrow tea (two teaspoons of dried herb in hot water three times a day).Consult a qualified practitioner/therapist for:Traditional Chinese Medicine Lovage tube!r be helpful.Acupuncture Should be used as soon as possible counter the effects of paralysis.Homeopathy Arnica 6c and the biochemic tissue salt Kali mur. 6x twice daily may be helpful.Massage, Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Hydrotherapy, and Yoga These manipulation and balance therapies can safely be used to maintain muscle tone and flexibility.

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