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Living organisms consist of cells that have the ability to divide and automatically grow and reproduce themselves. Stem cell growth is a natural process, which takes place in every living being. In regards to human beings, the stem cells growth is very essential, as it is responsible for the growth of vital cells present in the brain, eyes, heart, lungs, muscles and fats.

Moreover, stem cell growth is bifurcated in two parts called as embryonic stem cells and embryonic germ cells. Embryonic stem cells are basically extracted from fertilized embryos with the combination of male and female genes. While, embryonic germ cells are extracted from loosely connected tissues available from fat cells or bone marrow.

At present, medical experts prefer the most effective and customized system of drug delivery. Mostly, all the drugs contain peptides and proteins that serve as therapeutic means. Moreover, the most conventional and promising methods of drug delivering is through effective means of protein delivery.

With the help of protein delivery strategy, proteins can be released at a much greater and faster rate. Moreover, the trapped protein in this is protected from unfavorable conditions that are usually present in the stomach.

Another means of delivering drug is pulmonary drug delivery system. This is a smooth and a painless way of delivering drug and Hydrophobic compounds through lungs and directly into the blood. Pulmonary drug delivery is a new and an innovative way to monitor various diseases and other chronicle conditions. Once, the drug reaches the blood through the lungs, immediate medication process gets activatedScience Articles, thereby providing relief.

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