HEAL Any DISEASE 💚 Physical Mental Spiritual Illness💫Quantum Healing Sound Therapy⎪Shamanic Drums

HEAL Any DISEASE 💚 Physical Mental Spiritual Illness💫Quantum Healing Sound Therapy⎪Shamanic Drums

💫 Physical Mental Spiritual Illness
💫 Ultra Shamanic Drums
🌈 432 Hz Miracle Meditation Music

❯ NO HEADPHONES REQUIRED⎪Results ++⎪Comfortable +++
❯ WITH HEADPHONES⎪Results +++⎪Comfortable ++

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Infinite Gratefulness for Existence Dear Soul
Ivo Artur
LOKOSMOTIVOS Meditation Music

❯ This Music has been tuned to A4 = 432 Hz and 60 Bpm
432 Hz Resonates with all the 7 Chakras and the Universe
Music based on 432Hz transmits beneficial healing energy,
because it is a pure tone of math fundamental to nature.

💚 Let the music of the spheres play inside you
432Hz unites you with the universal harmony

In this track You Will Feel:
Highest Quality of Quantum Healing Sound Therapy Beats

💫 It features:
☯ 432 Hz Miracle Meditation Music ► Quantum Hz Tuning
☯ 8 Hz Brain Hemispheres Sync ► DNA replication Hz
☯ 531 Hz DNA Healing ► Divine Scale – DNA Dimension
☯ 174 Hz Releasing/Completing Karma ► EARTH Scale – Karmic D
☯ 285 Hz Quantum Remembering ► EARTH Scale – Remembering D
☯ 396 Hz Liberating Guilt and Fear ► EARTH Scale – Opening D
☯ 417 Hz Facilitating Change ► EARTH Scale – Change D
☯ 528 Hz DNA Repair ► EARTH Scale – DNA D
☯ 639 Hz Connecting Relationships ► EARTH Scale – Connection D
☯ 741 Hz Awakening Intuition ► EARTH Scale – Awareness D
☯ 852 Hz Returning To Spiritual Order ► EARTH Scale – S. Journey D
☯ 963 Hz Cellular Enlightenment Oneness ► EARTH Scale – Unity D

💚 Intent:
☯ Heal any Disease, Disorders, etc
☯ Physical Mental Spiritual Illness Healing
☯ Release or Complete Karma
☯ Access To Quantum Records by Remembering
☯ Liberation of Guilt and Fear
☯ Facilitate Change in Consciousness
☯ Repair DNA
☯ Connect Your Relationships
☯ Awake Intuition
☯ Return To The Spiritual Natural State
☯ Enlighten The Cells To Oneness
☯ Cell Regeneration
☯ Cellular Enlightenment Oneness
☯ Pineal Gland DMT Production with 8Hz
☯ 2 Brain Hemispheres sync perfection
☯ Mind Control
☯ Mindfulness
☯ Mindless
☯ DNA Healing, Replication
☯ Grounding

The Solfeggio EARTH Scale Frequencies,
are played one by one from 174 Hz till 963 Hz,
9 min each, during the whole track you get a constant:
☯ 432 Hz Change To Natural Consciousness ► Quantum Nature
☯ 8 Hz Brain Hemispheres Sync ► Natural Earth Resonance
☯ 531 Hz DNA Healing of the Solfeggio Divine Scale

♡ About:
Tune yourself to the heartbeat of our planet

To understand the healing power behind 432Hz, you must first learn about another frequency, 8Hz. It is said that 8Hz is the fundamental “beat” of the planet. The heartbeat of the Earth is better known as Schumann resonance and is named after physicist Winfried Otto Schumann, who documented it mathematically in 1952.

Schumann resonance is a global electromagnetic resonance, which has its origin in electrical discharges of lightning within the cavity existing between the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere. This cavity resonates with electromagnetic waves in the extremely low frequencies of approximately 7.86Hz – 8Hz.

The “ordinary” thought waves created by the human brain range from 14Hz to 40Hz. This range only includes certain types of dendrites belonging to brain cells, predominantly within the left (the more rational) hemisphere of the brain, which is the center of activity.

If the two hemispheres of our brain are synchronized with each other at 8Hz, they work more harmoniously and with a maximum flow of information. In other words, the frequency of 8Hz seems to be the key to the full and sovereign activation potential of our brain.

8Hz is also the frequency of the double helix in DNA replication. Melatonin and Pinoline work on the DNA, inducing an 8Hz signal to enable mitosis and DNA replication. A form of body temperature superconductivity is evident in this process.

💛💜💚 Ivo Artur is founder and creator of
Lokosmotivos Meditation Music and WAAO Love,
one of the leading multisensory YouTube healing channels that spread messages of pure ascension and impact hundreds of thousands of beings worldwide.

Ivo Artur combines all angles of spiritual observation with wisdom, knowledge, and Experience to transmit messages of source consciousness and oneness through both sound and visual vibrational frequencies that offer profound transformations such as:
Awakening, Ascension, Awareness and Activation.

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