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Coconut oil is a gift from nature that has many health benefits. For years in India, coconut oil has been used extensively for skin care and hair care. Moreover, many south Indian recipes include coconut oil for cooking. After several years of research, it has been identified that coconut oil aids weight loss and improves immunity. Further, stress relief is also provided by coconut oil. The coconut oil maintains cholesterol levels and provides relief from heart diseases. Various diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, HIV, cancer and much more can be controlled with regular use of coconut oil in diet. The components of coconut oil are easily absorbed by the body and these components fight against virus and bacteria. The acids in coconut oil such as lauric acid, capric acid, and caprylic acid have antioxidant, antifungal, antimicrobial, and antibacterial properties. These properties make coconut oil useful for healing wounds and other external problems. Coconut oil has 90% of saturated fats, but these fats do not increase bad cholesterol levels in the body. The remaining percentage is made up of unsaturated fatty acids which are also good for health. Coconut oil provides natural nourishment to hair. It is generally applied topically on hair. By applying coconut oil regularly on hair, you can get a shiny complexion. Further, damages in hair are also naturally cured by coconut oil. Many people have found coconut oil to be excellent for stress relief. A smooth and gentle massage on head after application of coconut oil relieves stress and cools the body. Massaging coconut oil on skin provides excellent benefits. For a smooth and wrinkle-free skin, apply some coconut oil and massage for a few minutes everyday. It repairs chopped skin and moisturizes the skin. Many body care and skin care products contain coconut oil in some form. The antioxidant properties of coconut oil prevent premature aging. Degenerative diseases are avoided by regular intake of coconut oil in the diet. Many people think that coconut oil is bad for heart because of the presence of large amounts of saturated fats. These fats present in coconut oil contain lauric acid which is beneficial for heart. Also, the saturated fats do not increase LDL cholesterol levels and hence, they are edible. Coconut oil aids digestion problem and prevents stomach problems. Moreover, health of vital organs such as kidney and liver is improved by the acids in coconut oil. In the tropical areas in the Indian sub continent, coconut oil is widely used in several recipes. To improve immune system naturally, you can use coconut oil as cooking oil. The antimicrobial properties of the oil fight against internal infections and promote immunity. When coconut oil is topically applied on infections and wounds, you can quickly recover from the infection. Bruises are healed and repaired quickly with the application of coconut oil. The antifungal property of coconut oil stops infection from spreading. Yeast infections can also be cured effectively with the application of coconut oil. Doctors suggest women who are more prone to osteoporosis to include coconut oil in the diet as it helps strengthening the bones.

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Coconut Oil is gift of nature. Learn more Benefits of Coconut Oil

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