Gentle Exercise for Gout Sufferers

is a form of arthritis that is caused when excessive build-up of uric acid in
the body leads to the formation of crystals in the joints. While this condition
is typical to men over the age of 40, it is also known to affect women,
especially after menopause.

symptoms of gout are extreme pain in one particular joint, generally localized
at the base of the big toe. However, it also affects the other joints of the
body, such as those in the elbow, knees, wrists, fingers, and ankles. Affected
joints might swell up, become stiff, and turn purple or red. In some people,
the pain is usually accompanied by a fever. 

you can imagine, gout is a really painful condition. For those suffering from
it, nothing could be further from their thoughts than exercise. Even the mere
idea of working out is excruciating. However, what most people do not know is
that exercise is highly beneficial for gout sufferers. It can deliver them from
perpetual misery and put them on the path to healing. Of course, there’s also
the undeniable benefit that it promotes overall health, fitness, and well-being
as well. 

said, the key lies in choosing exercises that relieve the symptoms of gout,
stretch the musco-skeletal system, and strengthen the body without placing
undue stress on the joints. One such exercise is swimming. According to the
American Academy of Family Physicians, losing weight is one of the best ways to
reduce the possibility of gout attacks. And there is nothing like taking to the
water to shed excess weight. 

is one of the most joint-friendly cardiovascular activities in the world. It
burns calories, gives your entire body a workout and doesn’t place any undue
stress on the affected regions of the body. Gout sufferers should start off
with no more than five minutes of swimming at a pace that is most comfortable
to them. Once their body becomes accustomed to the physical activity, they
should try and swim for about 150 minutes every week, at a brisk pace,
alternating between the back stroke, back stroke, and dog paddle. This helps
them work on the various muscle groups of the body. 

stretching and slow and steady range of motion exercises are also great for
people with arthritis. This reduces stiffness, eases inflammation and pain,
promotes circulation, and improves flexibility. Start with light stretches,
which can slowly be worked up to gentle toe touches and short walks. 

is considered to be an excellent range of motion exercise. Not only does it
deliver a non-stressful workout for the whole body, it also relaxes the mind
and enhances breathing. However, the positions that are most beneficial to gout
sufferers can only be suggested by a trained yoga practitioners or
physiotherapists. Do not attempt to do yoga unsupervised. 

exercise plays an important role in the recovery from goutFeature Articles, a conscious attempt
has to be made to incorporate it in your day to day life. Start with the
gentlest movements possible and graduate to the next level only when you feel comfortable
and confident. Combining Colchicine gout medication with gentle exercise
could result in liberating you from having to live with lifelong pain.

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