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A stone of very high value is known to be a gemstone. It has different names like precious stones or a semi precious stone or even a jewel. It is a natural form of mineral and looks very attractive. It is of wide spread use in making jewels and ornaments. A few non-mineral rocks are also used in the process of jewel making. However, these rocks are organic minerals and thus classified as gemstones. Though these stones posses hard characteristics, there are certain ones which are soft and used in jewelry making due to the presence of lustrous characteristics and also for their beauty.  Rarity is one of the foremost reasons why these gemstones are expensive. Gemstones are also known to be pieces of antiquity and have been precious additions to antique collections. Apart from intricate jewelry, a carved precious and semi-precious stone into designs of mugs was also a royal form of art. When cut and polished these stones look stunning and are ready to make jewelry of any designs and styles like pendants, earrings, chains, bracelets and rings.Gemstones also have the property of healing. It has been used from centuries to bring a good change in the thoughts of people and also to learn the process of bringing the change in one’s life. The process of healing the physical and mental aspects of a human body by using these precious stones is known as gemstone therapy or crystal healing. It is used in curing dog bites, illness and other negative habits in a person. It is used in particular for healing chronic diseases. This happens when the gemstones worn give out positive energy and surround the person. This positive energy wards off the evil and negative feeling of a person. It is believed that gemstone beads worn with silk threads have more positive effects.Some of the most famous healing gemstones are diamonds. These gemstones however cannot be a guaranteed as an alternative to the medical treatments available for physical damage to the body. These gemstones are worn as rings and chains. The properties of healing crystal stones also vary depending upon the quality. For example, diamond is a gemstone of higher value than sapphire or emerald. These gemstones are found in places all over the world. But also beware of the shops which sell replicas of these precious stones. They may not have any affect even after wearing it for a long period of time. Generally, there are authentic beads found with cracks in them. But these are very light and if the cracks are found to be deeper, then it is dyed and faked. If you are interested in buying a gemstone, then do not confine your search to one shop. Look around in different shops and find the best one possible.These healing stones supplies can be found largely in witchcraft stores, stone minerals stores and also in healing crystals stores. The most popular stones are sapphires, diamonds, emeralds, rubies, corals, pearls, amber, topaz, and jade can also be found in gemstone jewelry.

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