Gatwick: Romance, Nostalgia and Exploration


For me Gatwick airport isn’t just about the stroll along white speckled onyx floors, gliding along the moving walking ways, or listening to the dull humdrum of the baggage trains. It is not even about immersing myself in the arriving crowds, delighting in a duty free shopping extravaganza, or absently absorbing the voiced destinations and last calls on the loudspeakers: Gatwick holds so much more than that for me.Gatwick airport holds a certain nostalgia for me whenever I arrive, or more accurately the Hilton Gatwick airport hotels does, one of many fabulous gatwick airport hotels that exist here, because it is here that I proposed to my wife Dakota in December.I remember it like it was yesterday. Both my wife and I conduct business around Gatwick, which makes the Hilton the ideal place to travel to our clients as well as the occasional travel into London—only 30 minutes away. This weekend we had finished early and decided to see a theatre production of Oliver in the West End of London; then head to a late night dinner at the award winning L’Escargot Restaurant in the heart of Soho—one of London’s most stylish and well-established eateries. After a twin serving of Rump of Kentish Lamb and a bottle of Montagny 1er Cru, Jean-Marc Boillot, it was time to call it a night and head back to our suite to sleep it of—at least that’s what my wife thought.Unbeknownst to Dakota, I had asked the staff at the Hilton to fill the hotel room with two hundred white Orchids, her favourite flower, two bottles of Moet & Chandon and one hundred white balloons bobbing on the ceiling.  When we arrived at the hotel suite I surreptitiously watched her as she slowly opened the door—just the look on her face alone was worth the effort. I ushered her out onto the balcony and popped a bottle of Moet & Chandon.I pointed towards the beautiful London lights dancing in the horizon and when she turned around I was on one knee—the rest is history. In my opinion Gatwick hotels are as romantic and accessible as any hotel in London and sometimes more so. I love the privacy, proximity and the level of service; but more so, they remember me each time as the guy with the two hundred orchids.

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