Frequency of Emotions Explained (Hz) – How to Raise Your Vibration – Emotional Frequency Chart

Frequency of Emotions Explained (Hz) – How to Raise Your Vibration – Emotional Frequency Chart

Frequency of Emotions has been explained in this video. The video includes Emotional frequency Chart that depicts how different emotions have different vibrational frequency. Here I will also tell you how to raise your vibration to get rid of bad emotions and live in the region of higher frequencies, associated with good and healthy emotions.
You will also learn here what are emotions and how emotions are just energy.
Do you know that every thought that comes into your mind and every emotion that you feel has a vibrational frequency associated with it?
Different emotions like happiness, enlightenment, anger, shame and even desire and neutrality have certain frequencies.
Good emotions like happiness, love and acceptance are linked to higher frequencies while the emotions that are considered bad and unhealthy like shame, anger etc. have lower frequencies.
But before understanding how different emotions are linked to different frequencies, it’s necessary to understand, what actually the emotions are-
Emotions are nothing but simply energy. The word “Emotion” means “energy in motion”.
Therefore it has the properties of energy. As energy moves and transforms from one to other form; in the same way our emotions keep on changing and are temporary.
There is no emotion that lasts forever.
Now we will analyze the chart of frequencies of emotions.
As you can see in the diagram, good and healthy emotions are at top of the chart having high frequencies but the emotions that are considered unhealthy or bad are at bottom. They are linked with lowest frequencies.
Observe that according to this chart of frequency of emotions shame is at the bottom having lowest frequency 20Hz. While the enlightenment is at the top with frequency more than 700 Hz.
Only one emotion can be superior to peace that is the supreme emotion of enlightenment.
An enlightened person enters into the super-conscious state of mind and becomes completely egoless.
The difference of you and me vanishes there. After enlightenment the person sees himself in everything and everything in himself. An ordinary being cannot even imagine that blissful state that the enlightened being experiences.
One other thing in the chart that I found weird was the frequency of desire.
I never knew that the emotion of desire is so bad thing. Even anger has got higher place than desire in the chart.
But why desire has so low frequency?
Actually desire is considered the root cause of all evils. Unfulfilled desires are responsible for most of the crimes and corrupt behavior in our society. It’s the desire and attachment that makes a criminal, a criminal and also the cause of anger in most cases. That’s why it’s below than the anger in the diagram.
Positions of all other emotional frequencies in the chart looks obvious to me.
So now we know how different emotions have unique frequencies associated with them.
Friends, now we also know that we should stay in the higher frequency region.
But do you know, that it’s possible to raise your frequency, so that you can live most of the time in the emotions related to higher frequencies.
As I already said that emotions are nothing but energy waves and according to quantum mechanics it is possible to change the shape of wave.
The wave has peaks and valleys. So the original wave is straightened when we overlay an opposite shaped wave on it.
This new counter wave actually cancels out the peaks and valleys of the original wave.

As emotions are also energy waves, we can appy the similar concept on them. We can change their shapes and frequencies by interacting them with other emotional wave frequencies.
But how does it work? Let me explain it.
To apply this wave cancellation technique, all you need to do is, find out an exact opposite thought to counter a particular thought.
For example- Let’s think about word anger and try to remember the experience of this emotion. Now think about the experience of peace and calm which is just opposite emotional energy wave.
You will feel the difference of energy waves. You will notice that as you start to think about your peaceful experiences your emotions of anger fade away. Better you master this technique, better the results you will see.
This is how the thought and emotional wave energy cancellation technique works.
So it’s clear that it’s possible to change your emotional frequency.
Here are the secrets to raise your vibrational frequency-
1. Be around high vibrational people:
2. Play with kids and be like kids:
3. Be grateful for what you have:
4. Spend more time in nature:
5. Other habits that can help you in raising your vibrations are practicing meditation, yoga, eating healthy, helping and being kind to others.
So this was all about the secrets of frequency of emotions and how to raise it.

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  3. kacey,SLAYY on August 15, 2023 at 6:43 pm

    Your actually dumb sorry for being rude, but this chart has absolutely nothing to do with the corresponding frequencies

    Most low frequencies below 20 can be the most power and spiritual frequencies along the spectrum

    For instance EARTH ITSELF RESONATES AT 7.83hz-33.8 hz

    See where I’m coming from yet?
    Anyways I’m not waiting hours of my day to educate you on how proper frequencies can prove mass wonders all I’m going to say is respectively
    Do your proper research theres gonna be some people just starting the journey who watch this video and get completely uneducated because of it

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