Feng Shui to Energetically Clean up Your Relationships | Marie Diamond

Feng Shui to Energetically Clean up Your Relationships | Marie Diamond

Embark on an 8-week adventure with Marie Diamond to discover simple, fun, and practical ways to apply the fascinating science of Feng Shui in every area of your life 👉https://go.mindvalley.com/YGwS3mZ6

In this stage talk LIVE from Mindvalley A-Fest 2022, Marie Diamond reveals the surprising ways Feng Shui can transform the energy of your relationships, whether that be familial, work connections, or of course, romance.

Highlights include:

👉 Marie’s incredible origin story including the horrific accident that left her clinically dead, and the message she brought back form the other side

👉 Marie’s signature ‘Tubes of Light’ Meditation which you can follow along with to cleanse your Inner Feng Shui

👉 The 5 Steps to clear your relationship energy, including how to get out of your ego and align with your soul; Kinesiology Muscle Testing to discover what’s true for you; and how to find your Personal Relationship Direction and what to put in different spaces to Align Yourself with the Universe.

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From A-list artists like The Rolling Stones and Steven Spielberg, to legendary teachers like Jack Canfield, John Gray, and Marianne Williamson – when some of the world’s most extraordinary people need Feng Shui advice, they pick up the phone and call Marie Diamond.

Marie is one of the Western world’s most in-demand Feng Shui masters – celebrated for her uncanny ability to deconstruct ancient energetic methodologies into simple (and often intimately personalized) adjustments anyone can make to instantly channel positive energy into their living spaces and lives.

Today, Marie is an international bestselling author, speaker, and consultant not only in Feng Shui – but also Karmic Healing, Manifesting, and other branches of ancient wisdom. She was also featured on the hit film “The Secret” which went on to become the best-selling DVD in history.

The Feng Shui for Life program is a wonderfully accessible way to learn Marie’s unique approach to this 4,000-year-old science – without getting on a 12-month waiting list, or investing the five and six-figure sums all her high-end clients gladly pay.

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    2:29 – Start

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    You can only do the direction thing on an app, not on the computer. I don’t have room for any more apps. Moving on. Boy, she talks alot about herself.

  4. Galliano Marr on August 16, 2023 at 11:27 am

    she is not in a good shape, a lot of visceral fat, hiding it with that coat, she should feng shui her body

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    There is no such thing as Feng Shui for relationships. White folks like taking things out of context.

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    Remarkable person reading this.. It’s going to get better; all it is a season of opportunity to grow and be better than before. Challenging times are meant to strengthen us, not to break us. Success doesn’t define to what happened to us; it is how we choose to deal with our circumstances. The more you grow and develop as an incredible person as you are, the more things will change for the better. Forgive more (for you), be grateful for even the smallest things (we have it way better than someone else), choose love over ego, choose humility over ego (humility is strength), and finally, invest into new skills so that your future self will thank you. Our lives will change forever the more we grow. Be thankful for the challenges for we know something greater is coming. Love you always – Nathalie ✨❤️

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    wow, thank you.

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    Love from Mentor India ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️