Empath Energy & Emotion Realignment + Protection | Guided Meditation

Empath Energy & Emotion Realignment + Protection | Guided Meditation

This guided meditation was written by the guest writer Angela Gerou, here is a message from Angela about this meditation:

‘To keep your energy cleansed, this meditation should be listened to at the end of each day. It’s beneficial for anyone, especially empaths and healers of all kinds. It’s so important to release energies and emotions that you’ve picked up from other people, places and situations. If you’re feeling sad, depressed, anxious, etc., and can’t identify where those feelings are coming from, you’ll want to listen to this meditation no matter what time of day, and as soon as possible. Releasing unhealthy energies will help prevent tears and holes in your auric field (and your overall well-being!). If you feel called, Archangel Michael should be your go-to for protection and clearing!’.

Angela Gerou is the owner of Crystal Infusion, an Etsy shop selling holistic custom & wellness essential oil blends. She’s working towards certification in crystal healing, Reiki Level 3 and angel card readings. In her shop, you’ll find herbal incense blends that enhance meditation, and a special oil blend for energetic protection.

www.etsy.com/shop/CrystalInfusion (Use code RASA22 for 22% off any item and a free crystal)’.

Big LOVE, Rasa.

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