Do Crystals Really Heal?

People ask me all the
time what I think about crystals. There seems to be some controversy about this
subject, but I think crystals are fabulous. 

I don’t know why some people think that’s a little bit
weird–unless they’ve gone to a person who uses crystals who’s a little bit
weird!  I say that jokingly, but the crystals themselves are harmless and
beautiful things that can help us. Everything on earth has a vibration,
and gemstones and crystals are no exception. Each type has a different
vibration that has a different effect on the energy around it.

Some people wear crystals as jewelry to raise their vibration.
They like to keep a certain kind of stone near them to help out with a
particular ailment.

I’m not an expert on what each one does for what emotion–that’s
not my forte (see the explanations below), but just like herbs or essential
oils, I believe that God put them on this earth to help us heal.  Since
crystals, rocks and stones were all created by God, they have a vibration that
can help us.

When I worked at the Red Mountain Spa, the woman who used the
healing room upstairs from mine did work with crystals and gemstones, and we
would occasionally do sessions  on each other. I loved it because she was
so in tune with the stones and rocks. I would lie on the table, sometimes on my
front, sometimes on my back, and she would intuitively know which rocks to pick
up and put where—on my stomach, or my legs or shoulders, my forehead, sometimes
on my feet. She played soothing music and just let the rocks do the work.

I remember one time she had some rocks near my hips and I do not
remember what type of rock it was, but when she took them off, she took them in
her hand and said, “Ouch!” They were hot as if they’d been in an oven, even
though they had started out at room temperature when she first put them on me.
So apparently they had sucked some kind of blocked energy from my hips. 
InterestinglyArticle Submission, this was during the time I was training for a triathlon and I’d
been having trouble with my hips. The power of the crystals really helped!

So what do I think of crystals? I think they are beautiful
creations from God and anything from God is good.

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