Dental Crowns: What You Should Know


Have you been having dental issues? Maybe you’re displeased with the appearance of some of them, or you are worried about a tooth’s weakness. There are several dental options available and one of those is a dental crown. This is a small, tooth-shaped cap that is placed over a tooth from the gums to the tips. These crowns can be made of several different materials. One of the first options is metal. These are made from a metal alloy and carry many advantages. Metal requires less tooth structure to be removed and withstands the everyday demands of your mouth better than some other materials. One disadvantage of metal is the color. Many people do not want the metallic color in their mouths. Another option is to have porcelain fused to metal. This offers some of the advantages of metal while offering the opportunity to color match to your other teeth. While these wear down more quickly, they are a good choice.Some other options include crowns made of resin, all-ceramic or all-porcelain. Ones made of resin tend to be less expensive, but also wear down more quickly than some other materials. All-ceramic and all-porcelain options are able to be color matched and are an excellent option for people with metal allergies. However, these are more easily fractured and can cause some general wear to the surrounding teeth.After discussing material options with your dentist, it will be time to get the crown put in place. You will have one appointment in which the dentist will prepare your tooth for the new addition. He or she will either file down or build up (in the case of excessive decay) the tooth so that he can place it on top. Then you will have some paste-like substance out around the tooth so that your crown can be made. Next, you will receive a temporary solution while the permanent one is being manufactured.Once the permanent crown comes in, your dentist will make sure that it fits properly and will use dental cement to glue it in place. It is important to remember to continue to take good care of your teeth because you are still susceptible to things like gum disease. These typically last five to fifteen years depending on your implementation of oral hygiene and the wear and tear you place on your teeth.Regardless of which option you go with, getting a dental crown can protect and improve the appearance of your teeth at the same time. They are sure to give you more comfort and more confidence.

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