Dell Studio XPS 13 Obsidian Black

There could be nothing better than owing a Dell Studio XPS 13 Obsidian Black laptop. This is the ultimate in multimedia laptops with the greatest of features and the stylish of looks. Infact this laptop can beat any other laptop range hands down, fair and square. The Dell Studio XPS 13 is available in three striking colors, the obvious black and silver, and the red. Those who want a sleek beautiful looking Dell Studio XPS 13 model can opt for the Black Obsidian laptop that seems to transcend all ages and lives up to the saying “Black is Beautiful.” Apart from being an excellent multimedia laptop, this is an excellent business laptop as well.

You will love the Dell Studio XPS 13 Obsidian Black because of its genuine leather accents and the flawless design. Its elegance and beauty will make you want to carry it everywhere you go. You will be amazed at the NVIDIA graphics that brings every graphic and color to life when you watch movies or even create charts for normal presentations.  The DVD drive has an integrated slot load that allows you to play high definition movies on your the Dell Studio XPS 13 Obsidian Black laptop. Another important feature is that you can now stay connected with your family and friends no matter where you are with the integrated Wi-Fi connection and the webcam that offers high definition pictures and videos to be carried via the internet connection. Watching online videos or even playing online games on your the Dell Studio XPS 13 Obsidian Black laptop is one of a kind experience as every detail is bought to life because of its excellent graphical performance and the 13.3 “ edge-to-edge display.

Every detail on the Dell Studio XPS 13 is given a lot of attention and this is evident from the beautiful finish on the exterior of the laptop. The contours of the laptop are smooth as you would have wanted your laptop to look and is made of genuine black leather. The body of the laptop is again made of magnesium alloy and aluminum accents prove that every detailing on it is premium and of topmost quality.  This is responsible for it to withstand any kind of abuse, since the metals used to create it make it strong and worth every penny that you spend on it.

You can now even use you’re the Dell Studio XPS 13 Obsidian Black in the darkHealth Fitness Articles, and this is possible because of the backlit keyboard that makes it possible to type in the dark. The keyboard is made of touchpad buttons that make it easy on the fingers and for you to type for long uninterrupted hours. The battery of the laptop is excellent and works for a complete day without wanting to be recharged.  You can therefore carry the Dell Studio XPS 13 Obsidian Black to wherever you want to and keep it on for long hours.

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