Conduct your Own Feline UTI Testing

Thankfully, you can test your cat’s waste easily, without having to spend a lot
of money for it, and you can do it right at home. Even if you are not a
veterinarian or if you have no formal training to do this, you can easily get
wind of the whole testing process.

1. Buy non-absorbent litter or aquarium gravel from any pet store.

2. Buy urine pH strips.

3. Place your kitty in an exclusive area just for her along with her water,
food, and superbly clean litter box but covered with the aquarium gravel or the
non-absorbent litter. The litter box should be wiped absolutely clean for the
testing to give more accurate results. Create a relaxing environment for your
kitty by putting her favorite toys, playing classical music, and others.

4. Follow her litter pan habits. This way, you will gain access to the freshest
samples available in her litter pan. What you should do is to observe her
silently for a few days. You should follow her around. The fresher the samples
are the better. If you will let her relax in her designated areas, she will
empty her bladder and bowels regularly without distraction.

5. Using the urine pH test strip, get a urine sample. Let the liquid sample sip
throughout the strip for a minute. Then, look at the reading. Refer to the
figures in the urine pH test strip kit. This will serve as your guide to help
you interpret the result. If the strip reads between 6.4-6.6, then your kitty
is alright. However, when the reading is out of the normal range, either higher
or lower than the range, you should immediately consult her veterinarian.

With this feline UTI testing, you
can conduct the test at home without too much preparation. You will not be
bothered with setting up an appointment for a visit to the veterinary clinic.
Moreover, you can interpret the result of the test even without medical
training. However, you should not completely rely on this testing. If you
notice certain discrepanciesFree Articles, consult the vet immediately. 


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