Compare Paleo Diet to Mediterranean Diet

There are marked differences in the Paleo Diet and Mediterranean Diet. Paleo Diet thousand of years older than Mediterranean Diet with nutritional benefit design by Mother Nature. Read More..


The Paleo Diet or Caveman Diet is over 10,000 years old. Paleolithic Diet is presently the Modern Paleo diet. The Paleolithic people were caveman and cavewomen.  There was no farming and wild animals roamed free. Paleolithic period is pre-agriculture. Paleolithic diet was dairy free animals had not been domesticated. Potatoes and grain were excluded from their diet since all foods were eaten raw potatoes and grains content toxins when raw.

–         High consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables.

–         Olive Oil and some vegetable oils.

–         Lean Meat, Poultry and Fish

–         Nuts and Seeds

–         Eggs

–         Red Wine controversial in Paleo Diet.

The Mediterranean Diet comes from countries of the Mediterranean basin. These countries are: Italy, Greece, Crete, southern France and Spain. There is a high consumption of fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains and olive oil. Red meat is substituted with seafood or poultry. Red wine in moderation. The diet varies from one Mediterranean country to another. The principles are the same:

– High consumption of fruits and vegetables

Dairy produces: milk, cheeses and yogurt. In lieu of cow’s milk some cultures consume goat, sheep or buffalo milk.

Olive oil versus butter. Olive oil low in saturated fat and increases the level of HDL good cholesterol.

Whole grain, cereals and pasta.

– High consumption of beans, nuts and seeds.

Beans and legume – have soluble fiber when passed through the intestinal tract grabs and removes cholesterol before it is absorbed in your body. By reducing the cholesterol level beans reduces the risk of heart disease.  

– Red meat and dairy substituted with poultry or sea food.

Red meat eaten in very limited qualities.

– A maximum of 4 eggs a week.

Potatoes and Rice

Red wine consumed in moderation.

Foods Included in Mediterranean Diet and Excluded from Paleo Diet.

The Paleo and Mediterranean Diets are very similar but excluded foods mark a significant difference in both diets.

Dairy Products: Dairy produces not allowed in Paleo Diet but allowed in Mediterranean Diet. During Paleolithic period dairy was not eaten because animals had not been domesticated. Dairy produces high in saturated fats cream, cheese and butter. Milk contains anti nutrient exorphins.

Bean and Legumes: Beans not allowed in Paleo Diet but allowed in Mediterranean diet. Legume includes navy, kidney, string, black, and pinto beans, chickpeas (garbanzo beans), lentils, carob, licorice, and peanuts. It is commonly thought the peanuts are in the nut family. Peanuts are legumes and not allow in Paleo Diet. The soy allergy can extend to other foods in the legume family. Soybean allergies and peanut allergies are common. In all allergies a professional doctor should be consulted for treatment and diet.

Rice and Potatoes are excluded from Paleo Diet.

After the Paleolithic period came the Neolithic period or agriculture age. Man was able to plant seeds for crops, fire was controlled for cooking. Toxic plants were not eaten by the Caveman. Cooking killed many of the toxins making these food edible. Cooking does not kill all of the toxins. Toxins in grains, potatoes, legumes and rice retain some anti-nutrients after cooked. Dairy contains several anti nutrients. Grain, wheat, potatoes, rice, legumes and dairy excluded from Paleo Diet.

Anti nutrients

– Exorphins: Anti-nutrient found in dairy products and wheat. Morphine chemical counter acts body’s nature production of endorphins.

– Lectins: Anti-nutrient can trick body’s immune system resulting in immune diseases. Lectins found in grains, wheat, rice, potatoes, legumes (especially peanuts and soy beans) and dairy.

– Enzyme Blockers: Can block body’s nature enzymes in stomach, small intestines and digestive starches. Over long period may cause pancreas stresses in natural production of enzymes. Foods: grains, wheat and potatoes.

– Glycoalkaloids: Anti-toxin not destroyed when potatoes are cooked.

The Paleo Diet excluded these foods cooked they still retain small amounts of toxins or anti-nutrients.

For nutritional reasons wheat, dairy and soy excluded for Paleo diet.  Additionally, Paleo diet is an excellent choice for those that require a glutenHealth Fitness Articles, dairy and soy free diet.

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