Chrysoprase – Crystal of the Joyous Heart

Chrysoprase – Crystal of the Joyous Heart

Chrysoprase is a variety of Chalcedony found in a range of greens depending on the amount of nickel content. Its name comes from two Greek words, chrys meaning ‘gold or yellow’ and prase meaning ‘leek. It has a long history, being mentioned in the New Testament, and was popularly used in the 13th century, where it was engraved with the image of a bull and worn for protection. As a crystal of Venus, Chrysoprase promotes love, but not merely for another person, but more so a passion for exploring and understanding the world. However as a crystal that instils patience, it allows us to find happiness even if we only comprehend a minute amount of truth about the universe. Chrysoprase reminds you that the joy is in the discoveries, not in the final answers. Chrysoprase awakens your spirit and allows you to notice the synchronicities around you as spiritual guidance. It also promotes a greater appreciation of aesthetics, beauty and the arts.

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