Capsaicin application in the pesticide

Due to the capsaicin derived from natural, and the special pharmacological
activity, long time development and application, new uses of biological
pesticides continue to be developed, so that its prospects for development of
the market is quite broad.

In the field of bio-pesticides, the product
as a new type of green pesticides has good contact toxicity, repellent, pest
control on crops can achieve high efficacy holders effective and biodegradable
characteristics, is a new type of environmentally friendly biological in 21st
century. Long time ago it has confirmed that capsaicin and its products is a
biochemical pesticide, and exempt from the restrictions applied to residues on
fruits, vegetables and grains, making it sharp increase in pesticide market
dosage. Through a long-term test, optimize the product screening mixed, has
developed emulsion-type products, and sentinel field efficacy verification by
the Ministry of Agriculture to promote the use.

For a long time, the international
community also can not be achieved synthetic physiological activity of
capsaicin, Capsaicin supplier only through physical
extraction method from the product obtained in the chili. The traditional
method is the use of the extraction of the organic solvent as the extraction
agent, the process requires after up to 11 times the sub-phase process, plus
the residual solvent, it has been severely limited in the range of applications
in the pesticides. In recent years, with the development of supercritical CO2
extraction technology has been successfully realize the application of the
technology in the preparation of capsaicin products, not only simplifies the
production process, and the product obtained has made great strides in color
and taste improve and also to avoid the pepper of green grass, to improve the
grade of the product and the range of market applications. At the same time,
waste utilization extract capsaicin has also been a breakthrough, so that the
entire production process waste emissions, environmental pollution, is the true
sense of the green production process.

The product on the market demand, with the
continuous promotion and application in the field of pesticides,
pharmaceuticals, food additives, its market demand increases year after year,
the current conservative market demand has more than 4000 tons / year in the
world, while the total production of the worldcapacity was less than 2,000 tons
/ year, up to 50% of the demand gap. Great, especially in recent years, sales
of the product once the products are extremely scarce resulting in product
price up to $ 40,000 / kg, the current international market price remained at
3.0 ~ $ 40,000 / kg, and subject to availability fluctuations than large. About
60% of capsaicin used as pharmaceutical raw materials, about 15%
used in pesticides.

Capsaicin production applications is still
in its infancy, the production capacity of 200t / a, export-oriented products.
The large number of applications have not yet been realized in the field of
pharmaceuticals, pesticides and other limited to a small amount of low
concentrations of products used in the field of high-end food additives, most
of the remaining products are exported to Japan,
South Korea, the United States
and other countries. Of the product in the field of pesticide breakthrough
emulsion type of pesticide products to market. With the strengthening of
environmental awareness in the people’s health, the natural green vegetables
have become the first choice for people in dining table, increasing
requirements for pesticide residue standards, therefore efficient
environmentally friendly green pepper alkali pesticides residuePsychology Articles, provides a
broad market space for development.


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