Calcite: Gemstone of Calcium Carbonate

Calcite is a mineral that occupies four percent of the earth’s crust. It is a beautiful gemstone, provides an energy spectrum for the chakras and is a cultural and historic gem. This article explores its value, beauty and presence in human communities.

Almost all of the ancient alabaster artifacts of ancient Egypt were not really alabaster. The artifacts were actually made of calcite. Calcite has striking beauty and offers much variety in color and form. The name calcite is derived from the Greek word “chalx” which means lime. Calcium carbonate is lime stone and calcite is a beautiful variation that naturally exists in a variety of colors and forms.

Calcite has a special characteristic known as bi-refringent. Anything that you see by looking through a bi-refringent gemstone will appear doubled. The calcite crystal has a light-splitting ability and creates what appears as image duplication. This property is important to gemologists. Calcite is used in an instrument called the calcite dichroscope. This instrument is used to see different colors as they are transmitted through a gemstone. The calcite dichroscope is able to pick-up colors which we can’t see with the naked eye. A gemstone can be identified by knowing what colors are reflected through it.

Speaking of color, calcite offers a rich diversity. Calcite can be red, pink, golden yellow, orange, green and blue. It can be both clear and opaque. It forms within the veins of huge limestone slabs. Golden calcite has iron in it. When yellow calcite combines with brown aragonite and sometimes other minerals, it is called septarian.

The expression and center of life force energy is seen in what is called a chakra. A chakra is a spinning sphere of bio-energetic activity branching from the spinal cord. Chakrology refers to the study of chakra in terms of alternative medicine. Calcite plays a role in the chakra because it is composed of calcium carbonate which can be seen in living things. Mystics dating from ancient times to present day consider calcite to be an energy amplifier. Many believe it provides a polarizing prismatic energy.

Gem therapists claim a person who wears golden/yellow calcite will experience wisdom and mental harmony. You can see a fine example of calcite integrated into a beautiful tiger eye gemstone necklace at

Red calcite is an energy booster. Orange calcite enhances energy for new beginnings in life. Green calcite provides joy and emotional balance. Blue calcite brings those in authority into righteous power.

Whether your preferences or needs are cultural, decorative, bio-energetic or scientificFree Web Content, calcite is wonderfully abundant and beautiful. Here is hoping you have the opportunity to enjoy all it has to offer.

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