Black Onyx – The Crystal of Personal Magnetism

Black Onyx – The Crystal of Personal Magnetism

Onyx is a variety of the silicate mineral Chalcedony, which has formed in parallel bands. It is found in almost every colour (save some shades, such as purple or blue). Black is one of the most popular. Black Onyx flourishes in urban settings, helping to counteract the impact of pollution, noise and crowdedness. Those living in big cities can use Onyx every day to tackle the demands of dealing with the masses. This crystal works silently yet powerfully, offering protection from dangers you are not aware of, from betrayal to toxin build up. Furthermore it opens your awareness to the web of life, to the connectedness between all things. It enables you to tune in to all around you when needed, so you may find ways to live harmoniously rather than in opposition.

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