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These years it looks that the world has noticed that we need to reduce the influence that our normal living has on the earth. In particular, parents are trying to have their households in a way that markets a responsible life. Searching for some ways for your family to go green? Here are a couple earth friendly lifestyle guidelines for homes.  Green Living Guideline #1 Lessen Waste Households will live a green living by minimizing the amount of garbage they produce. Try using cotton rags instead of paper towels for sprucing up all around the home (cloth baby diapers make superb rags). Use washable cotton napkins instead of paper napkins. Pack meals for the family in reusable containers instead of plastic bags. Stop purchasing items in single serve containers (juice boxes, bottled water, single serve snacks, etc.).  Green Lifestyle Guideline #2 Get Local Food Support local farmers and buy your food at local farmers markets and roadside stands as much as possible. This is a great tip for encouraging homes to live a green and healthy lifestyle because it is much more fun than going to the supermarket and the food is fresher and tastier.  Responsible Life Guideline #3 Reuse Used Up Household Items Save things such as paper towel tubes, stray buttons, egg cartons, popsicle sticks, Styrofoam trays, old CDs etc., in a green craft supply box. The things that will be reused for craft projects are limited only by the imagination of your family. Cut off worn out jeans to make shorts for the offspring to play in when they are going to get grubby. Reuse old shirts worn by adults as smocks for children doing art. Reuse plastic jars to store small items in.

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