Apartment Living on Gliese 581 g

Astronomers recently announced the discovery of what could be the first extra-solar world capable of supporting human life, Gliese 581 g. The planet is located twenty light-years away orbiting the star Gliese 581, a red dwarf located in the Libra constellation.

That is relatively close to Earth and humans could make contact with the planet in the next hundred to hundred and fifty years.

Since Gliese 581 g, also known as GI 581 g or GJ 581 g, is located in what is called the habitable or “Goldilocks Zone” of its star, meaning that it is not too close or too far away; it is likely that the planet can harbor life as we know it here on Earth.


When you start planning your trip to your new home on Gliese 581 g, you should expect to find a sprawling living community with shorter apartment buildings. The good news is that means far fewer loud neighbors.

Day and Night

The planet is currently thought to be tidally locked, just like our moon. This means the same side of the planet faces the star giving constant daylight on one side and constant night time on the other. In addition, the planet would have no changing of the seasons. Instead it would be dark on the night side all the time and sunny, warm and mostly tropical climate on the daytime side all the time.

Rents for apartments on the nighttime side would probably be less expensive and would be a cost effective way to live on a new planet. If you chose to live on the night side, you would need to pack batteries and flashlights. Renters living on Gliese 581 g’s night side should also anticipate a somewhat higher energy bill due to the need for constant lighting. If humans were to colonize the planet, governments may offer attractive subsidies to those willing to move to the night side. This would further lower the cost of living on this side of the planet making it the perfect option for budget-minded space colonists.

Space colonials who are less worried about living expenses will want to live on the side of constant daylight and almost tropical temperatures; thanks to a greenhouse effect that is greater than Earth’s. Imagine the perfect weather – lasting all day long, without interruptions. It would be perfect swimwear weather all day, year round. You could wake up at midnight (if the sun ever went down) and find a vibrant, sunny community.

Renters living on the daytime side will understandably have much higher rents and would forego any government subsidies to move to the planet. Instead it would be these colonists that would pay for the largest chunk of traveling to and colonizing Gliese 581 g.

While the discovery of Gliese 581 g is exciting for the amateur astronomer, the possibilities of what this new cosmic world is only the beginning of the possibilities.

If the possibility of living on Gliese 581 g becomes a reality in the futureScience Articles, perhaps apartment locators would be the perfect source for finding out more information on the apartments on this new planet since taking a Saturday afternoon “drive by” will be impossible. Apartment locators are licensed experts that collect information on apartments in a specific area and help connect renters with the apartment that will meet their needs.

Moving to an extra-solar planet is probably light years away.

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