Ankaka Releases Magnetic Mechanical Digital LED Watch with Crystals Time Display


Magnetic Mechanical Digital Watch with Crystals Time Display worth More than You PayThe magnetic mechanical digital watch with crystals time display is the fashionable addition to your collection that shines with glamour and unique elegance. You can always know the time easily with this digital watch and crystals display. This versatile device also functions readily as elegant décor for your wrist because the option to turn the time display off will fully enhance the shine of the crystals. This mechanical watch is designed to be protected from dust and water with a stainless steel cover. The water resistance goes as deep as 165 feet which is enough for any swim in the pool or even snorkeling in the ocean.The built-in electric pulse in this magnetic mechanical digital watch creates an electromagnetic wave that changes the position of crystals in the time display from numbers 0 to 9. This beautiful function is unique and does not compromise quality because the LED lights will last for a long time. The illuminated digital watch with crystals is the perfect accessory for any casual event or formal occasion. The glossy leather wristband is black and matches anything and everything in your closet. The crystal time display of this digital watch that is magnetic and mechanical also has an option to turn off the time and display the shining crystals all by themselves. It can be easy to add shine to any outfit you are wearing with the natural crystals display. This fashionable digital watch does not only look good but it is equipped with Micro-Magnetic Mechanical Digital (M3D) technology for smart function as well. It has never been easier to complete an outfit with a gorgeous wrist accessory that also displays the time with crystals whenever you need it. The convenience is combined perfectly with versatility for a great digital watch that also doubles as a perfect fashion statement or a gift for a loved one. You will definitely get good points for choosing the perfect digital watch with crystals for time display. The water resistance also maintains its top performance for up to 50 meters deep which is more than enough. The time will be easily accessible with a clear and illuminated display that is beautiful to look at even if not for the purpose of keeping an appointment.The appearance of this digital watch with crystals may look fragile because of its luxurious look but the stainless steel cover will ensure that your new favorite will be protected from dust and even water. The unique technology incorporates an internal rotor to create a distinct sound to change the positions of the crystals in the time display. The magnetic mechanical digital watch is the elegantly designed device that is smart in function and durable during use. Don’t settle for the traditional watches that have hands and annoying ticking noises. Give yourself or the special in your life this wonderful digital watch that has magnetic mechanical functions and a beautifully glamorous crystal time display. To find out more information on Ankaka’s line of Wholesale Digital LED Watch please check out this link:

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