Amethyst Stone-Royal Purple Stone


Amethyst is a Greek term, which means ‘not drunken’. Greeks used it as an amulet and as a tool of immense love and contentment in life. It is also believed to be an effective remedial tool for drunkenness, drugging, homesickness, and any displeasing act of extremeness. Egyptians believed it to be a stone of protection which protects them from falling to the state of guilty, self-deception, and apprehension. They also used to wear it with a belief that doing so will save them from witchcraft. Bishop community had an altogether premium liking for this stone, which went so popular that many started calling it as ‘Bishop’s stone’. Since time immemorial, it has always been considered as one perfect symbol of Age of Aquarius.ImpactsAs prominently used to be believed by Greeks, Amethyst has been confirmed to be one ultimate solution for the problem of drunkenness. By wearing this stone, one can also ensure that no sort of seduction works over him. It also protects one from any possibilities of getting poisoned. It enhances the attributes of honesty and humility, makes one spiritually aware. It makes one more sensible and stable, and helps one retain calmness and composure, even when things are not going in the desired way. All irrational fears and unjustified desires can be overcome On the whole, it makes a positive physical, mental, and spiritual impact. In particularly, it enhances spiritual wisdom and assists tremendously in the act of meditation. It settles in positivity and removes negativity, within a person who possesses it as well as in the environment where it exists. It removes poverty and brings financial stability. It increases charisma in one’s personality to make one get further attractive in the eyes of the opposite gender.Healing PropertiesIt is quite popular amongst healers because of its powerful healing properties. Out of its healing properties, it cures the problems of headache, nightmares, and insomnia. For curing headache, one should rub it over the forehead. For curing nightmares and insomnia, one should keep it under sleeping pillow. Other than that, it is effective for those suffering from any blood or breathing problem. Also, it stabilizes sugar-blood balance, and thus, is effective for those suffering with diabetes.Most Beneficial ForAmethyst stone is astrologically confirmed to be most beneficial for those born in the month of January and February, and those belonging to Zodiac Sign of Pisces. It is the birthstone of those born as Aquarians. Also, it is the stone of fourth, sixth, and seventeenth wedding anniversary, and gifting it one’s partner on the occasion increases love and harmony.

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