Amethyst stone Price, Benefits | how to Buy Amethyst Stone ?

Amethyst stone is a well know semi-precious stone from ancient time. It is a purple stone. According to Indian astrology, amethyst is related to Saturn and is used as Saturn of Stone Neelam of Saturn. Like Sapphire, this is Gemini of Aquarius and Capricorn.

Therefore, holding Jamuna can get rid of Saturn’s flaws and wrong impressions, and the person who receives money, receives the honor and good health. It is also related to Aries, Cancer (Cancer), Leo (Scorpio), Leo (Scorpio).

Astrological guru is telling you the rare advantages of getting Amethyst:

Keep in mind our astrology master Amethyst time to buy all sorts of things going:

Amethyst wearing person according to astrology should this gem holds the equivalent of one-tenth of its weight. And all those things should be taken care of which should be Amethyst, when buying any gemstone like gemstone should be good, it should not be broken or it does not have any type of scratches, any kind of treatment such as Chemical Wash and Heat Treatment. According to astrology, it is being held for remedies, Amethyst from Africa origin is considered to be the best stone. 

What can be the price of Amethyst?.

These gems are not very expensive these are also brought in carats and rattles. General Amethyst 30 to 80 rupees and high-quality amethyst stone price Rs 150 to Rs 400 Is per carat. Amethyst is priced above this price but they are not common Amethysts. Some amethysts which are rare and rare in special quality, which are rarely found, is out of the reach of the common man and the special person is worn in a special position, their price goes up to thousands. Some cats also have the same value as sapphire. If wearing amethyst stone astrology purpose then the good quality Amethyst should wear. 

Quality of Amethyst:
Its quality depends on its cutting, color and clarity Amethyst. Its color should be dark purple and has not been riddled with any kind of gem. Amethyst, which is being held for astrology remedy, should be especially careful that its color is not fully lightened and it will not be broken from anywhere. 

Where to Get Natural Amethyst: Synthetic Amethyst also has in the vast amount of market. Due to its attractive color it is being used very much in fashion Jewelery. But for astrology remediate, buy it from a dealer on-line shoppingScience Articles, look for gemstone lab certificates.

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