Align and Balance Chakras and Heal body Subliminal

Align and Balance Chakras and Heal body Subliminal

This is a custom subliminal ordered by someone from my website. That person allowed me to publish this subliminal on my channel so that everyone could get the benefit of this subliminal. I am grateful for her generous heart!
This subliminal contains positive suggestions to get:
– Balance and align Chakras
– Align and balance Root Muladahara Chakra
– Align and balance Sacral Svadhisthana Chakra
– Align and balance Solar plexus Manipura Chakra
– Align and balance Heart Anahata Chakra
– Align and balance Throat Vishudda Chakra
– Align and balance Third eye Anja Chakra
– Align and balance Sahasara Chakra
– Heal lymph
– Healthy lymph
– Heal liver
– Healthy liver
– Heal the kidneys
– Healthy kidneys
– Heal blood
– Healthy blood
– Heal gums
– Healthy gums
– Heal teeth
– Healthy teeth
– Heal intestine
– Outstanding and fast Healing ability
– Abundance, prosperity, wealth
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Binaural beat 4Hz

This recording is designed to engage your conscious and subconscious mind to get the changes you desire faster.

It is important to use headphones while listening to this recording because different messages are delivered to your left and right ears which will make your subconscious more receptive.

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DISCLAIMER: This video is not a substitute for medical treatment!

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