African Bloodstone Metaphysical Properties & How to Use in Crystal Healing

African Bloodstone Metaphysical Properties & How to Use in Crystal Healing

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African Bloodstone Meaning and Spiritual Properties

The Earth’s tapestry is dotted with stones that sing stories, but African Bloodstone, also known as “Seftonite”, stands out with its unique tales and intrinsic beauty. If ever there was a crystal that speaks of the strength and vitality of our planet’s ancient rhythms, it would be this. Often mistaken for just another green stone with red speckles, a closer look reveals a mesmerizing fusion of deep green chalcedony adorned with vivid red jasper inclusions.

Historically, African Bloodstone was believed by ancient civilizations to be a mystical stone, with drops of Christ’s blood having fallen upon it, giving it its distinctive red speckles. The stone was also highly regarded in the ancient world for its alleged ability to bring rain and thwart harmful weather patterns, often used as a talisman by warriors and kings alike for its supposed protective and grounding properties.

Properties and Powers of African Bloodstone

African Bloodstone, a variant of chalcedony, embodies the very essence of life’s resilience. Its deep forest green base, characteristic of chalcedonies, is a testament to growth, renewal, and overall wellbeing. Interspersed with these verdant shades are blood-red flecks of jasper, symbolic of the vibrant pulse of vitality and vigor.

The main elements of African Bloodstone, silicon and oxygen, come together to form silicon dioxide, which serves as the foundational structure of many crystals, including quartz, chalcedony, and jasper. Silicon provides a grounding spiritual anchor, while oxygen infuses vitality and renewal. Together, these elements create a harmonious balance, amplifying the stone’s power to both ground and rejuvenate its bearer.

Metaphysical Properties, Spiritual & Emotional Influence

From ancient warriors using African Bloodstone amulets to instill courage and provide protection in battles, to tribal shamans employing them to enhance their connection with Earth spirits, this stone transcends cultural bounds. Spiritually, African Bloodstone is said to connect one to the life force, revitalizing the spirit and enhancing personal power. Emotionally, it’s believed to foster resilience, determination, and courage in the face of challenges. What draws the modern spiritual seeker to African Bloodstone is its reputed ability to bolster vitality, ground energies, and foster courage.

The Physical Connection

Though it’s essential to consult with health professionals for medical concerns, African Bloodstone has traditionally been linked with detoxification, boosting the immune system, and revitalizing energy. It is also believed to support blood circulation, echoing its reputation for vitality and vigor.

The Chakras Connected to African Bloodstone

Primarily, African Bloodstone is associated with the Root Chakra, providing grounding energy and fostering a deep connection to the Earth. Additionally, it resonates with the Heart Chakra, amplifying love, understanding, and compassion.

Astrological Star Signs Associated with African Bloodstone

Pisces, Aries, and Libra find a special connection with African Bloodstone. Pisceans might feel their intuitive abilities heightened, Aries may find a boost in their courage and vitality, while Libras could experience amplified harmony and balance. Still, its rich array of energies can benefit individuals across all zodiac signs.

Connections to Land and Geology

While the term ‘African’ points towards its primary origin, African Bloodstone can also be found in other parts of the world. Its presence in various landscapes speaks to its universal energy and adaptability, making it a versatile companion on one’s spiritual journey.

How to Cleanse African Bloodstone

Regular cleansing is key for African Bloodstone to maintain its vibrant energy. Moonlight is a favored method – simply let the stone rest under a waning moon to cleanse and a waxing moon to charge. Alternatively, smudging with sage or bathing in salt water can also effectively cleanse the stone.

How to Store African Bloodstone

Protect African Bloodstone from scratches and external damage by wrapping it in a soft cloth or placing it inside a velvet pouch. Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight which may affect its vibrant colors.

How to Use African Bloodstone in Crystal Healing

For those intrigued by the power of African Bloodstone, creating a bloodstone elixir is a revered method that is generally known as safe. After cleansing the stone, place it in a glass bowl of spring water, and let it sit under moonlight overnight.


  1. @taroupriapus9760 on April 2, 2024 at 5:47 pm

    I own several African Bloodstones. I was told to avoid getting it wet,.worse to submerge it in water because it can corrode the stone. All bloodstone have toxic substances in it so it should never be licked or placed in drinking water, and keep it out ofthe reach of children

  2. @taroupriapus9760 on April 2, 2024 at 6:03 pm

    African Bloodstone,.also known as Setonite, Seftonite or Vulcan Jasper