This Was A KEPT SECRET By Monks – How To Achieve SELF MASTERY in 2023 -Jay Shetty – German Reaction

This Was A KEPT SECRET By Monks – How To Achieve SELF MASTERY in 2023 -Jay Shetty – German Reaction

Heute reagieren wir auf toms und Jay shattys Video!

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Being in a romantic relationship can go from feeling like an incredible high to something totally frustrating. You look at your partner and wonder what’s wrong with them, why can’t they understand what you’re saying, and why do they do things that drive you crazy?

Often, relationships go south because both of the people in the relationship have things to work through and have expectations of the other person being able to work around all of their baggage and trauma without much communication of what’s actually going on.

Jay Shetty has lived the life of a monk, and as a life coach, podcaster, speaker and best selling author, he’s been able to bring his learnings and his experience to people around the world. His latest book, 8 Rules of Love: How to Find, It Keep It, and Let It Go addresses what it looks like to figure out love for ourselves and bring that into every kind of relationship we have.

In this conversation with Tom, Jay talks about the things we accept as currency of love because we haven’t defined and truly understood or experienced love with ourselves first. Sitting with yourself, listening and understanding your inner dialogue and self-talk is a major part of this journey to finding healthy long lasting love.

How much time have you taken to yourself between relationships with yourself?

Heute reagieren wir auf Tom und Jays Video!

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“I’ve still not found a better solution to self-awareness than solitude.”

“We’ve lost the art of self-talk and self-dialogue.”

“That’s why sitting with your thoughts for 15 minutes is really hard because there’s nothing to numb it.”

“If walk into a relationship and you don’t know who you are, you don’t know what you need or what you want and what you want and what you’re building and what you’re creating, you’re basically going to hope that the other person is going to answer all of those questions for you, or you’re going to outsource that inadequacy to them to make you feel worthy.”

“We accept the currency of attention as love. We accept the currency of validation as love, […] because we ourselves haven’t defined and experienced what love looks like on our own.”

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