Scorpio, I talk about what’s happening for you astrologically, which offers more depth, but if you want to go straight to the tarot reading: 06:40. Check out your Scorpio tarot horoscope for the full picture! ❤️🙌

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3. Venus goes direct 🔥
4. Mercury trine Jupiter – amazing day for nostalgic travel, luck in communication, good news.
Jupiter goes retrograde (until Dec 30)
6. Sun conjunct Mercury – Major Cazimi. Moment of clarity, lightbulb moment, reasoning is clear. Share ideas and meet new people!
8. Sun trine Jupiter – BEST AND LUCKIEST DAY OF THE MONTH – ONE OF THE BEST OF 2023! OPTIMISM! Take action for success on things you’re focusing on.

14. NEW MOON IN VIRGO – Exciting new moon! Uranus is harmonious to bring surprises. Pluto in good alignment as well! Manifest!
15. Sun trine Uranus – Excellent surprises! Be adventurous, experimental, curious and risk taking!
Mercury goes direct!
16. Venus square Jupiter – Breakthrough! Treat yourself! It’s Venus after all!

19. Sun opposes Neptune – Focus on right-brain activity! Imagination, creativity and intuition will be heightened.
20. Sun trine Pluto – EXTREMELY POWERFUL 5 STAR DAY. Feel empowered with what you do and experience.

25. Mercury trine Jupiter – 2nd Mercury Jupiter trine of the month! Lucky to have this! Could hear or give good news, focus on growth and development.
29. FULL MOON IN ARIES – Mars (ruler) dancing with Venus. Romantic, wonderful time for partnerships.
Venus square Uranus – Expect surprising breakthrough in what you value, what brings you pleasures. Tap into your spirituality.
30. Mercury trine Uranus – Creativity overload! New possibilities abound with new way of thinking, open mind, being inventive. Surprising news could come.

My tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only. I am an intuitive consultant using my knowledge of astrology, tarot, intuition and divination. I am not a medical professional, and I cannot give legal, financial, or medical advice. Viewers are responsible for how they view the videos, and their interpretations.

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