Crystal Ra presents: My first experiences with MOLDAVITE as a New Time Adult

Crystal Ra presents: My first experiences with MOLDAVITE as a New Time Adult


I share my first experiences with MOLDAVITE as a New Time Adult. New Time Adult is someone who has done Auratransformation™ and was born prior 1986. Most of the people born prior 1986 have the rainbow aura. Auratransformation™ upgrades your aura to Indigo or Crystal Aura – depending on where you are at the time of the process. It may take years to integrate indigo, then crystal and crystal golden aura.

As a New Time Adult my energies have undergone a major transformation since 2007. As the body and Spirit are uniting – the energies and my own consciousness has cleansed out a lot of stuff from this lifetime and many lifetimes. At the moment of writing this in April 2023 I have been in this process for the past 16 years. This equals for 160+ years in the Old Time Rainbow aura. When we go into the New Aura system – we will start to fulfill our Earthly mission more as our Spirit will guide step by step and our intuition is our compass. Secondly we find our Spirit Mate as usually we need to work with them for some parts of our Life Mission. I found mine 7 years after my Auratransformation.

As a New Time Adult my processes with Moldavite are very different as my body, mind and spirit has undergone so much reconstruction already. What it starts to do then is to change everything and everyone around. I noticed that people closeby need to let go relationships which do not serve them and rearranging that level has happened to 3-4 people. As I have a very solid relationship with my Twin Spirit – this has just gone deeper and grown stronger.

My results and observations are not very typical. But if someone wonders how MOLDAVITE can support our unification of our Spirit and Body – my video can be helpful.

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If you would love to do it yourself – contact me and lets set this up. This session can be done only in person. I am currently located in Daytona beach Florida.

As a New Time Adult I feel MOLDAVITE can become the enhancer and cleanser at the same time. It empowers what is already there and working and cleanses and takes away more of what is not. It also co-creates very well with the Inner Family Archetypes – especially Inner Woman.

If you have more questions about the Inner Family Archetypes – let me know too as I have a deep dive program about that. Good luck with your Moldavite!

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