Crystal Meanings: Blue Onyx 💙✨ #blueonyx #crystals #shorts

Crystal Meanings: Blue Onyx 💙✨ #blueonyx #crystals #shorts

Blue Onyx Crystal Meaning 💙✨

Soothe your soul. Our Rare Blue Onyx collection maintains the elegance of its namesake, but with a soft, sensual tone. The muted blue color of this stone is reminiscent of the ocean, giving off an air of calm and tranquility. It works wonderfully as a grounding agent, balancing energy in your chakras and clearing out negativity.

Onyx absorbs energy preventing forward motion, guarding the heart and soul against any vampiric forces. It soothes wounds from the past, encouraging its guardian along their path to healing. This healing stone specializes in release, building up so it can give away.

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