All About Garnet Healing Properties [5 Minute Crystal Video]

All About Garnet Healing Properties [5 Minute Crystal Video]

Hello, and welcome to my channel! Are you interested in learning more about what crystal healing means? I’m going to be making more short videos about the healing properties of crystals.

Today I’m sharing all about Garnet crystal healing properties. Learn how you can utilize Garnet to benefit your life.

Please keep in mind that crystals are absolutely not a replacement for medical care, and you should always listen to the advice of medical professionals. Think of crystals as a way to enhance the energy in your life, and hopefully improve your mental and emotional state.

You can choose to work with a crystal based on the healing properties or based on your own intuition. Most importantly, work with them intentionally.

I hope that this video is informative. If Garnet healing properties resonate with you, you can shop crystals and jewelry from my Etsy, link below. I’d love you hear about your experiences working with crystals in the comments below!

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