#30 Michelle, High Point Crystal Boutique | The Healing Powers of Crystals

#30 Michelle, High Point Crystal Boutique | The Healing Powers of Crystals

For interview #30, I am talking with Michelle, owner of High Point Crystals, an online crystal boutique based out of north Idaho. She shares her love + knowledge of crystals as we discuss the history of their use + how to use them in your daily life for healing, protection, connection, love, feng shui, chakra alignment + much more. 

Her local Vibrant Living inspirations include:

• Rebecca Kolb, Bath by Bexs (http://www.bathbybex.com) , in Spokane Valley
• Kylie Goodin, Sterlings Creation (https://www.instagram.com/sterlingscreation/?hl=en)  
• Derek Lock, Black Bear Herbary (https://blackbearherbary.com/) , Sandpoint

 Find High Point Crystal Boutique:

• Website: www.highpointcrystals.com/ (http://www.highpointcrystals.com/)
• Instagram: @HighPointCrystals (http://www.instagram.com/highpointcrystals)

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