The Healing Power of Sacred Music: Conversations with Amber Julian & Kele Nitoto

The Healing Power of Sacred Music: Conversations with Amber Julian & Kele Nitoto

Welcome to another episode of Black Condor Talks! 🌿✨

I’m Adorable, the director of Black Condor Tribe, and today, we have an enriching conversation with two exceptional guests who are integral to our Sacred Music Song Circles. Join us as we delve into the world of sacred music, healing, and community with Amber Julian and Kele Nitoto.

Amber Julian is a sacred musician, empath, and intuitive healer whose journey with plant medicine began in 2017. As a guardian and musician for Black Condor Tribe, Amber brings a unique and healing presence to our ceremonies.

Kele Nitoto is a master drummer and singer deeply rooted in various African and Afro-diasporic musical traditions. Growing up in the vibrant Oakland Dance Culture and studying with masters across different musical styles, Kele has dedicated his life to teaching and performing music that heals and connects communities.

1. Introduction to Guests
– Amber Julian shares her journey into sacred music and plant medicine.
– Kele Nitoto discusses his rich background in percussion and singing.

2. The Power of Music and Healing
– Amber explains the healing power of music in the context of medicine songs and icaros.
– Kele talks about the role of rhythm and drumming in community building and healing.

3. Insights into the Sacred Music Song Circles
– Amber outlines what participants can expect from the upcoming Song Circle.
– Kele discusses how drumming and singing will be integrated into the event.

4. The Importance of BIPOC-Centered Spaces
– Amber highlights the significance of BIPOC-centered healing spaces.
– Kele shares how music and gatherings support the BIPOC community locally.

Upcoming Event:

Join us for the Sacred Music Song Circle on June 9th at Flow House in Oakland. Bring your instruments, voices, and open hearts for a transformative experience.

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Tune in and be inspired by the profound wisdom and experiences shared by Amber and Kele. Peace and blessings to all. 🙏🏾🌿