The Cult I Almost Joined – Young Living Essential Oils

The Cult I Almost Joined – Young Living Essential Oils



Young Living Essential Oils is a cult, and an MLM. I almost joined the cult in college, but I got informed and avoided it. I used to thing Young Living was a scam and nothing more, but after having studied the work of cult expert and psychologist, Steven Hassan, I now know otherwise. D. Gary Young is a scam artist, criminal, and conman of the highest order. Contrary to what he taught, essential oils don’t work as medicine, and they certainly don’t cure cancer. Whether it’s Young Living, Doterra, or any other multilevel marketing company selling oils, keep in mind that oils have minimal use outside of aromatherapy for comfort/relaxation.

Thanks to Telltale for introducing me to the BITE model and Hassan’s work on cult psychology, and for contributing an awesome part to this video. Subscribe to Telltale:

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