Powerful HEAL the BODY Guided Meditation

Powerful HEAL the BODY Guided Meditation

This is a meditation to help you heal your body, heal your fear and your mind. You can take control of your conscious field. You can heal your body bit by bit. It is time to impress the subconscious mind with empowering information.

This is a powerful healing meditation you can use to support your body on the healing journey.

What presuppositions are in your subconscious mind?

Do you believe you will get sick like your mother or father?

Do you believe you can never get well?

Do you live in fear of becoming sick?

If you are ill, are you in resistance to being sick or are you accepting of your discomfort and looking for a way to bring your body back into some kind of harmony?

Making friends with your body, honoring your body, loving your body, and coming into conscious awareness of the idea that your body has been designed to support you–can help you heal cognitive dissonance that may be adding to the dis-ease in your body.

Listen to this meditation once to twice per day, for six weeks.

Tell your body often “My body can heal. My body has the potential to heal. I am well. I am enough. I am getting well each and every day. I am well. I am healing.”

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Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke

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