Onyx Mystic Pack – Crystal Roller+Juju+Tactile Necklace bundle

Onyx Mystic Pack – Crystal Roller+Juju+Tactile Necklace bundle

Don’t just wear your gemstones, use them! The Mystic Pack includes 3 creative takes on gemstones: Tactile Necklace, Juju and Crystal Roller.

Each is made with genuine crystal and are all usable in various ways:
• Tactile necklaces have a simple design that allows the half moon hematites and bigger onyx stone to spin around. You may also separate the hematites or have them collapsed. Easy access stress relief hanging from your neck.
• Juju is a bracelet, toy and pendulum! To create this multi-use tool we made it’s stones moveable so it can be used as a begleri (Greek skill toy), as a Longshot (fidget/skill toy), a pendulum as well as a bracelet to keep it close at all times. It has one moveable knot which can be used to adjust size and open up more play possibilities.
• Crystal Roller is the perfect combination between skill and fidget toy. It can be used as a knuckleroller to pass around your fingers and each of the individual gemstones also spin around which gives it a kinda spinner feeling to it

All handmade, sturdy and small enough to carry around with you and make the play inconspicuous.

• Better your finger coordination while fidgeting or learning new tricks.
• Spin the beads to create a nice sound and satisfying motion.
• Use the Juju as a pendulum to inquire.
• Can be beneficial for mindfulness practice, stress relief, finger dexterity, fine motor skill, concentration, meditation and so on.

• All items are made with genuine semiprecious onyx, microparacord , stainless steel wire and spacer.
• Onyx has an average Mohs hardness of 7. Based on this hardness it’ll withstand hits but try and avoid playing above hard surfaces for it may break. If it does please message us!
• Onyx is a protective stone that helps absorb and soften emotional intensity and is beneficial for making wise decisions. This stone supports banishing old unwanted habits of the past while taking you forward to view the future you want to create for yourself. Sit mindfully with onyx and see how creative resolutions to problems come to you.

All of these toys are designed and hand made by us in Puerto Rico! It connects our love of skill toys and crystals in a multi-use product.

You can buy it here: https://www.bonsaiandcacti.com/collections/bonsai-and-cacti-originals/products/copy-of-juju-multi-toy-bracelet-begleri-longshot-pendulum

Wearing and playing with crystals has never been easier.
Stay flowy, B+C

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