New Moon in Scorpio Brings Transformations

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Inspired by Jan Spiller’s marvelous book New Moon Astrology (Bantam Books), I would like to share with my readers the influence of the new moon each month.

The moon changes astrological signs approximately every two days. However, when the moon exactly conjuncts the sun (shares it’s astrological degree) it is no longer visible in the sky and at this point in the lunar cycle it is called a “New Moon”. This occurs once every month (in rare instances, twice) and marks the beginning of a new monthly astrological cycle.

The new moon signifies a start of a new personal cycle each month. It’s a time to renew or revise our goals, reach for what we wish for most and renew ourselves. When setting goals or aspiring towards our dreams and desires it is important to keep a few things in mind. First of all, our wishes can only involve ourselves. We cannot try to change others, only our attitudes towards those people, in hopes that they will respond favorably to us. Another important aspect of this process is to meditate on the qualities of the sign that the new moon is occurring in. These astrological qualities will give us powerful hints on what to strive for, and how to approach or strategize towards what we want to accomplish. It is a good idea to set approximately 10 goals or wishes each month. Jan Spiller also suggests that you do not combine several wishes into one wish! Keep your thoughts clear and separate, and write them down each month. I recommend a special notebook or journal exclusively used for this purpose.

Visualize Your Wishes First

It is often best not to include a wish unless you can clearly visualize it coming into fruition within your imagination. If not, there may be preliminary steps you need to take first, so instead, try visualizing these. Trust your feelings and intuition in this process- you will know instinctively what feels right. Some wishes become realized soon after the new moon. Others are more resistant and can take many months. Keep repeating wishes each month until they begin coming true as long as you continue to believe that they are right for you. When things in your life such as people, events, and your own attitudes begin to “shift”, welcome this new change as evidence that your life is changing as a result of your positive intentions. Each month I will share my reflections on the new moon based on the sign it moves into to help you in your own process.

New Moon in Scorpio Focuses on Healing and Transformations

On November 12 the new moon will be in the sign of Scorpio. This will happen at exactly at 9:28 AM eastern standard time. Scorpio’s strong influence this month can heal us in many areas of our lives on a very deep level. This is because Scorpio is known as the sign of healing and regeneration. There is nothing light or superficial about Scorpio. In terms of healing, whether it is psychological or physical, we are able to dig deep to find the causes of our problems. This month we can wish for a deeper understanding of ourselves, our bodies, and the motives of others. It is a wonderful time to use this knowledge in a way that heals.

This is the sign that explores beneath the surface of things. If there’s anything that needs to be investigated, Scorpio is the sign to do that, rather thoroughly. This is a time of reflection. We are investigating ourselves, our lives and the situations that surround us. It is a good time to plan for major changes in our lives and to plant seeds for profound growth and change. In order to make room for needed change we can begin to eliminate old useless baggage, whether that means emotional baggage, a life-style overhaul, or just a thorough cleaning out of one’s possessions. We must get rid of the old to make way for the new. If you resist Scorpio’s call for change, change will occur nonetheless, so it’s much better to understand change and to go along with what is inevitable. Under Scorpio’s influence resistance to change can bring painful experiences.

A Stronger Version of Ourselves

At this time it is important that we feel in control of our lives but paradoxically this happens by actually letting go of the need to control. By this I do not mean that we are letting circumstances control us but instead, accepting change and allowing it to empower us as we go on to a stronger version of ourselves. Scorpio enables us to be true to ourselves within the context of a changing, unpredictable world. If necessary, we learn how to face our worst fears and to build a new foundation based on truth and strength. If you find yourself in a crisis situation, the power of Scorpio will enable you to face that crisis. You will find reserves of wisdom and strength within you that never existed before. You will evolve as a human being and expand the limits of what you thought you could possibly achieve. To me this sums up the ultimate expression of this rather mysterious sign. Not only do we strive to strengthen ourselves but also to empower others, rather than dominate them. Rather than seeking to manipulate others, we learn self-mastery. With self-mastery the need to dominate or control diminishes, as self-satisfaction increases.

Learning “Self-Mastery”

Take a moment now to ask yourself this question. Is there a chronic pattern or problem in my life?
Is there someway that people tend to respond to you that you dislike? Under Scorpio’s influence you can begin to discover the root cause of some of your difficulties with others. Let’s take an everyday example that many of us are familiar with- the “harried motorist”. This person, who is actually a very nice person, is very tense all day long and it usually starts on his daily commute to work. Other drivers on the road seem extremely slow and inconsiderate. He can’t handle the way they drive, and he is always on their tail trying to make them go faster as well as blowing his horn at them when they fail to move as the light turns green. This gets his adrenaline going even more. He gets into frequent fender-benders and close calls all of which further set his nerves on edge. He has gotten a few traffic tickets from the police who were also just “out to get him”. At least, that’s the way he sees it. It seems, from his point of view, that people just can’t drive. By the time he gets to work he is an irritable mess. He could go on like this for the rest of his life blaming others and ruining the quality of his life with all of this unnecessary tension. Or- he could begin to take control of this chronic situation by discovering how he contributes to it, and taking control of himself. He could start to see that maybe if he slowed down while driving that he would get fewer tickets and have less fender-benders. Other drivers would make him less impatient and angry. This whole mess of his could probably be solved by just leaving his house 10 minutes earlier so that he is not in a mad rush to get to work on time.

One Little Change Can Change Your Whole Life

This is a simple illustration of self-mastery. One little change like this can change your whole life. Consider the alternative. Our motorist can decide to blame the rest of the world for his problem- after all, there’s just too many cars on the road, the police are just trying to meet their quotas, and most people really can’t drive. It’s actually very easy to justify any behavior of ours. It’s a natural defense mechanism and we all do it. Perpetuating his problem this way and not heeding the call to change himself can lead to job burn-out (he’s always feeling so stressed), poor health, (due to stress), and even a catastrophic automotive accident. By this illustration you can see how resisting needed change within yourself is actually much harder in the long-run on you than making that change before a crisis sets in. What’s often needed is just to stop blaming others and taking control of yourself.

The Beginnings of Emotional Maturity

Going a little further with this idea we can begin to explore intimacy with others, as deeper relationships are also ruled by Scorpio. When we learn self-control it signals the beginnings of emotional maturity and opens up a way to get closer to other people. When we stop blaming others for our problems, emotional intimacy becomes possible. The sign of Libra started the process of seeing each relationship as a two-way street. Scorpio’s influence further strengthens the bonds between two people through increased intimacy and trust.

This is the ideal time to make an intention to find your true soul mate. It is a wonderful time to make a lasting commitment to that special person who you can be your authentic, deeper self with.

Depth Can Help Manifest Change

Scorpio rules depth. This is a good time to embark in a course of study. You will learn the material in depth in a way that will manifest needed change or healing in your life. It is a good time to explore health issues, or to try to understand your own psychological problems or “blind spots” in a deeper way, perhaps seeking the help of a competent professional or holistic practitioner.

It is my wish that we all find one aspect of ourselves or our lives that we can change in a positive direction. Exploring new territory within ourselves requires strength and even courage. In this way, starting with ourselves, we can start to heal the entire planet.

The next new moon will be in the sign of Sagittarius on December 11, 2004 at 8:30 pm eastern standard time. Check back with me thenScience Articles, or a few days before for more New Moon Reflections.

Deepest Blessings.

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