I Tried A Green Tea Detox For A Week | THE RESULTS ARE SHOCKING

I Tried A Green Tea Detox For A Week | THE RESULTS ARE SHOCKING

This week I tried doing a homemade green tea detox. Instead of spending money on one of those tea detox brands, I wanted to see if I could get results by simply recreating it at home. The results are shocking!

Measurements Before:
Waist: 30.5in
Hips: 42in
Weight: 149lbs
Body Fat: 29.7%
Water Weight: 48.9%
Muscle: 32.5%

Measurements After:
Waist: 30in
Hips: 42in
Weight: 144.4lbs
Body Fat: 28.5%
Water Weight: 49.8%
Muscle: 33.1%

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