Honoring the Energy of Azurite

Honoring the Energy of Azurite

Honoring the Energy of Azurite brings within reach the world of spirit and matter. Azurite is one of the most powerful stones for awakening and expanding the Third Eye Chakra. It truly stimulates all the mind centers and awakens a new thirst for knowledge as it helps comprehend the patterns of concepts. A wonderful stone for studying and for those who enjoy mental stimulation. Azurite is one of the best- and well-known crystals for awakening psychic abilities and intuition. It enhances the ability for opening the mind to receive information from other realms and the understanding to interpret their meaning with accuracy. When we are on our spiritual journey, it is useful to have a stone that offers clarity and insight so that we can best discern truth and the right paths to take. It is useful to wear or carry Azurite, as it can open you to see the connections between things as it heightens the mind to be more aware of surrounding clues. It is extremely helpful to have with you if you are a student or if you are learning a new or challenging subject or concept. I use Azurite at the Third Eye to stimulate and awaken this center and allow true sight in, where excessive energy may cause hallucinations, delusion or confusion. Physically, Azurite works to promote the health of the brain. It is balancing to issues like tinnitus, vertigo and migraines. Azurite lifts the veil, awakening the higher mind to uncover the secrets between the subtle planes in your inner and outer world.

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