Does Mindfulness Meditation Work & What Can Give Better Results?

Does mindfulness meditation work?  Learn how to practice mindfulness meditation from beginners to advanced in just about 5 minutes.  But better, learn an easier way to experience deep peace and bliss in meditation without having to do years of meditation practice.

To start off with, does mindfulness meditation work?  Yes, absolutely.   But is there a quicker way to feeling deep peace and bliss?  Yes, keep reading and you will find out how.

First, let’s start with Mindfulness Meditation.  Mindfulness meditation means do your best to stay present, allowing whatever thoughts or emotions are there and noticing them instead of being involved with them.

This is a simple and direct technique but it isn’t easy.  We are so used to identifying with our thoughts, experiencing that we are the thinker of our thoughts, that it takes a lot of practice and great focus to get to the point where we can remain present instead of get carried away by our thoughts.

You will get carried away by your thoughts a million times.  But it is just to keep coming back to the present moment.  As you do this, the time where you can be present and not pulled into thinking will increase.

To make mindfulness meditation easier, it is good to have something to focus on.  Watching your breath is a simple technique to help keep you present.  You can focus on the sound of your breath, or the feeling of your breath moving in and out of your nose or your body.  As breathing is always happening in the present moment, watching your breath in this way will help keep you present.

By practicing this on a daily basis, you will become more relaxed, more present, more peaceful.  But it is a long and arduous journey.  A good one for sure, but if you could experience deep peace and bliss in meditation in minutes rather than years of practice, wouldn’t that be more beneficial?

Instead of having to wait many years for the possibility of experiencing deep bliss in meditation, isn’t there a faster way?

Vedic meditation places a very high value on what Buddhist meditation does not and that is the need for an enlightened teacher, one who has realized the deepest stages of meditation.

Beyond what they may teach, their very presence can instantly put you into a state of meditation.  As they are more often than not in a deep state of bliss, the energy vibration of that bliss they feel gets transmitted to those around them.

That is why in India there is such a huge importance on spending time with the Guru.  Because just by being around such an enlightened teacher, you feel deeply peaceful and blissful and can spontaneously enter into very deep states of meditation. 

But most of us don’t have such physical proximity to a fully enlightened teacher or simply don’t feel comfortable in having a “Guru.”  But because of breakthroughs in audio technologyFree Articles, you can now receive this same spiritual energy that an enlightened teacher emits through sound.

By listening to this unique “Bliss Meditation Music” you can often instantly feel states of peace and bliss you would not experience after many years of meditation on your own.   Listening to this music will make any meditation practice far more effective and blissful.   You can hear samples of this music by clicking on the “Bliss Meditation Music” link below.

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