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Justin let’s us know his technique of telling what is, and what isn’t, crystal opal!

Using a black opal, a crystal opal, and a white opal, Justin shows us that by holding our opals to a bright light, like a flashlight (torch) or bright window, we can tell what they are.

The key we are looking for is translucency; light will shine through when holding a bright light to a crystal opal whereas this same level of translucency isn’t seen in other types of opal. White opal will show some light but the key difference is that it will be a milky white and have the appearance of frosted glass. Black opals will not show any light going through the gem.

So why isn’t crystal opal crystal?!
Crystal opal is just a name for a translucent opal; crystals don’t have the same color play or the structural make up as a crystal opal does.

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