Cards & Crystals: Beyond the Mind & Lepidolite💜

Cards & Crystals: Beyond the Mind & Lepidolite💜

Join me for a fast 10 minutes to get your intuitive messages and energy check in for the week! Lots of stuff about trusting your gut and intuition were coming through.
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The veil is this and it is time to embrace our mysterious and sensuous side. What do you want to release for this full moon in Scorpio?
Card pulled: (from Beyond Lemuria deck/pocket Edition): “Beyond the Mind”—Are you being held back by limiting beliefs, overthinking, or being too much in your mental energy? Remember to trust your gut, heart, and higher self. The mind is important for logic and more temporal situations, but it is not the only factor when it comes to living a fully realized life. Allow yourself to intuit and connect to a higher vibration to let go of limiting beliefs.
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Crystal: Lepidolite: This is a great third eye opening crystal with a grounding, soothing, and calming energy. It is one of the top crystals I recommend for soothing anxiety. It also helps you release limiting beliefs and overthinking. It does indeed contain lithium in the mica within it, which is interestingly also used in many anti-anxiety medications. (Disclaimer: Do not eat the crystal and none of these are medical or physical healing claims.) Use Lepidolite to help support your third eye opening to more than the limitations of your mind.

The deck I got from @goddessprovisions and the candle is from @freresbrianchiaux
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