Beauty benefits of natural skincare and green, toxin free, healthy, organic lifestyle

Beauty benefits of natural skincare and green, toxin free, healthy, organic lifestyle

Why should you choose natural and organic skincare for you and your family? Learn some of the key reasons that conventional products are jeopardizing our health and our world and see why I’ve chosen natural and holistic lifestyle for myself.

I am a natural beauty expert with 20 years of experience living a wellness lifestyle including vegetarian and vegan diets, natural skincare formulation and usage, herbs as medicine for internal and external healing, yoga, and conscious, mindful approaches to life. I look forward to taking you on a journey through the amazing nutritive and healing properties of pure plants.
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Studies used to support the facts quoted in this video:
1. Organic foods contain higher levels of certain nutrients, lower levels of pesticides, and may provide health benefits for the consumer, Crinnion WJ, April 2010 from the Altern Med Rev.
2. Melting Glaciers May Release DDT and Contaminate Antarctic Environment, May 27 2008, American Chemical Society and Science Daily, Geisz, Heidi N., Dickhut, Rebecca M., Cochran, Michele A., Fraser, William R., and Ducklow, Hugh W. Melting Glaciers: A Probable Source of DDT to the Antarctic Marine Ecosystem. Environ. Sci. Technol., 2008 doi: 10.1021/es702919n
3. About 1,000,000,000 pounds of conventional pesticides are used annually in the United States. Source USGS Water Quality Status and Trends in the United States, 2013, p 10
4. A 2007 study found that 60 percent of parabens can be found in the skin after eight hours, indicating your skin acts as a reservoir for many chemicals. Pedersen S, Marra F, Nicoli S, Santi P. In-vitro skin permeation and retention of parabens from cosmetic formulations. Int J Cosmet Sci. 2007;29(5):361–367.

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    This is authentic beauty and wisdom gleaned of experience and deep inner knowing. I love witnessing the way your journey is evolving, Julie. To think that someone as beautiful and remarkable as you could have body image issues is mind-boggling! Your grace shines through. In mutual respect and admiration. XOXO