7 Chakras * 7 Days: Day 7 Crown Chakra

7 Days – 7 Chakras: Day 7 Crown Chakra www.TheWellnessUniverse.com
To register for the 7 Week Webinar click here -https://wellnessuniverse.learnitlive.com/class/7038/7-Chakras-7-Weeks-Balance-Now-Succeed-in-2016-with-Mitchell-Osborn-Kim-Bayne. Can you imagine your infinite possibilities if you removed your blocks? You have the power! Let Kim and I give you the tools! Hi Folks! You know me, Mitchell. I only give you information that I trust and believe in. This video is but a small window into the transformation you can experience through our live webinars with full information, ‘how to’ instruction, nutrition, exercise and a live guided meditation during November! All 7 are 50% off now through 10/11 (Don’t delay – time flies) and I want you to join me and Kim so you can start doing the inside work for 2016 to be your most stellar year ever! Drop the baggage, heal old wounds and feel better in mind, body and spirit. I believe we can help you elevate your life. Watch my videos and read the blogs and decide for yourself if it makes sense to you. Perhaps balancing your chakras are the solutions that you have been seeking? I hope to see you LIVE in person starting November 1st Register Here: http://lrnit.lv/1Km1dX0

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