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✨Throat Chakra Healing✨ Subscribe for more relaxation and healing 💚🤗✨

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My name is Bailey and I am a Nurse Practitioner turned Reiki Practitioner.

My trainings include Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Master Teacher, Angelic Reiki Master, Medical Reiki Master, Certified Sound Healer, Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, and Certified Yoga Instructor.

I started this channel to share my knowledge of complementary healing and wellness practices to help you gain relaxation, restore the body, and help you along your healing journey.

-If you would like your own, 1:1 personalised distance Reiki healing session with me you can book a session at https://www.baileybarbour.com or email info@baileybarbour.com to schedule an appointment.

I am offering half-off your first Reiki session with the discount code TRYREIKI

I would be honored to connect with you!

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I hope you enjoy this video!

Sending you love and healing.

Please find a comfy place to rest, relax, let go and let the Reiki energy flow.

This video Is intended for relaxation and entertainment purposes. Reiki is not a replacement for medical treatment so please consult your health care provider for any new or worsening symptoms.

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