★★ CRYSTALS FOR SALE ★★ – Labradorite FreeForms

★★ CRYSTALS FOR SALE ★★ – Labradorite FreeForms

Here’s a selection of gorgeous Labradorite FreeForms, all with incredible Flash! Stay until the very end for a really cool bonus piece you won’t want to miss!

You can DM me on my socials at Twitter, Instagram or TikTok (links below). I can provide additional pics and information on any piece(s) you’re interested in as well as answer any questions you may have. If you don’t have social media, you can also email me at sales@sageofstones.com or simply leave a comment below and I will follow-up with you.
You will also find thousands of other crystals on my social media sites for sale. Feel free to add me and browse my feeds!


Before I send any crystal out to a customer, I have it cleanse and charge on a Selenite Slab for at least 12 hours. This removes any negativity from past associations and also removes any previous programming, essentially returning the crystal to its original blueprint. I also perform a smudging ritual on my crystals with smoke of Sage and Palo Santo. This act blesses the crystal and further cleanses and purifies it, also removing any negativity that may be present from past associations and imbues it with the highest vibration of love and light, readying it for the new owner’s connection.

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